#HHBA Media Party

¡Hola de Buenos Aires! The Hacks/Hackers BA Media Party was held last week at the Ciudad Cultural Konex in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a super cool event and reminded me, again, that I need to learn how to »

#NEJSConf: Animation basics with Snap.svg

This is my talk on SVG animation from #NEJSConf in Omaha. You can walk through the presentation slides here. (They're also on GitHub.) Why SVG Today we’re going to talk about SVG. More specifically, we're going to talk about »

#SRCCON: Feeling inspired

SRCCON was last week, and it was awesome. Good discussion. Good coffee. Good times. I've come to really enjoy these news nerd "reunions" of sorts – it's fun to see everyone I don't get to work with on a daily basis »

#IO2015: Note dump

Select session notes from Google I/O 2015. Keynote (Watch) Android M App Permissions – You can choose which permissions you can agree to. Defers asking until the point in the UX process when the permission is needed. Chrome Custom Tabs »

4 topics from Visualized: Political Data

I spent a couple days in DC last week so I could attend Visualized: Political Data, a one-day conference dedicated to exploring data visualizations in the context of political science, political campaigns, and political journalism. I felt conflicted about flying »

#SmashingConf: Note dump

CONFERENCE NOTE DUMP! YEAH! My commentary is in italics. Updates are ongoing. Steve Souders: Design + Performance @souders Tricks to marry design and performance: Create small interdisciplinary teams. Bring all players into the mix early in the process Define guiding principles. »

#SNDMakes: Emojis and more

I spent last week in Washington, D.C., at #SNDMakes, a “boutique prototyping event” sponsored by the Society for News Design. I was lucky enough to be one of 60 designers, developers, and visual storytellers from newsrooms around the country »

#SNDMakes: A lightning talk

This is my (essentially verbatim) lightning talk on Designing for Performance from #SNDMakes DC. Designing for Performance Hi, I’m going to chat for a minute about Designing for Performance – or as I like to call it: Keeping People Happy. »

#NICAR15: Underserved topics

This is Part 2 of my thoughts on NICAR 2015. If you want to read about specific sessions, see Part 1. During NICAR, I took some mental notes of topics that I thought deserved additional attention from the “news nerd” »

#NICAR15: The sessions

NICAR 2015 was fantastic. I liked the way the conference was organized. I liked the variety and quality of sessions offered. And I really liked meeting all sorts of awesome people over those five days. So #NICAR15 is cool. Super »